I am not a coward.

I should start this post with a bit of a prologue to the parents who will be offended by this. I do not think you’re a bad person. I have no doubt that you love your children, and want only the best, brightest future for them. I have no doubt that you have a long lists of articles and “facts” you could point at to support your position. I’m sure that if I met you in person I’d think you and your children were lovely examples of the human spirit whose mere presence would raise my hope for humanity’s future. However…

You’re a cowardly idiot for not vaccinating your children.

As you might guess, this is a “pro-vaccine” post. As such, I should follow the traditional approach and point to all the facts that support my position. I’m not going to do that. If you really want to read all about the facts on this then the CDC, the AMA, and the NIH have all wrapped it up nicely:




Hell, these days vaccines even have their own web portal!


No, this post isn’t just about not vaccinating, it’s about being a coward. We’re blessed to live in a charmed and miraculous age. Parents today can sit back and agonize over whether or not a vaccine has a tiny chance of hurting their precious angel. They can do so because their grandparents and great-grandparents systematically eradicated virtually all childhood diseases that have stalked and murdered our children since we decided to climb down from the trees and take up gardening. And lets be very clear on this- murdered is the right word. Skim the list:


Granted, a few of the diseases aren’t so bad. I had chicken pox, and I survived! Most of us have had influenza and lived to see the sunrise. But, some of these diseases are nasty, virulent dangerous bastards. Most of them killed or maimed children by the bushel. They don’t anymore, at least not here. They don’t because our relatives vaccinated them into oblivion.

If we’re all very lucky, the anti-vaccine crowd will lose. It doesn’t really matter if one child skips vaccines. Herd immunity works both ways, and as long as there aren’t to many idiots, we’ll all be fine.

God help us if they win. The CDC has a whole page devoted to this. Some it’s not so bad. A few more kids paralyzed by polio. A lot more children made deaf by the mumps. More birth defects caused by Rubella during pregnancy. A nice pile of infants killed by whooping cough. And… 2.7 MILLION dead by the measles.

Critics of vaccines have a laundry list of things they blame on vaccination. None of them hold a candle to what vaccination protects us from. I don’t think vaccination has anything to do autism, SIDS, cerebral palsy, or anything else it gets blamed for. I also don’t think it matters at all. If vaccines were completely responsible for EVERYTHING they we’re blamed for… then the right choice would be to vaccinate your children. If I KNEW that giving my son the MMR vaccine meant rolling the dice that he’d have autism… I’d still give it to him. I’d do it for him, for his children, and for his children’s children. Because these diseases have haunted humanity for thousands of years and the only responsible choice is to do my part to end them, even if it means risking my son’s life and future, just like my parents risked my life and future.

Because I’m not a coward.